French castles, stars of the fashion shows?

French chateaux, these architectural treasures, long hidden in the shadows, are reappearing in broad daylight thanks to the great luxury brands. The decor of fashion shows plays a key role in the impression and memory left by these fleeting moments to the fashion world and its guests. When some Houses choose to go beyond the borders to present their new collections, others opt for France and its great historical residences.


In France, there are no less than 45 000 castles, or almost one for each commune. They embody the very idea of French style, with their architecture, their sumptuous rooms, their numerous gildings and their magnificent exteriors.


For the past few years, they have been the focus of designers who choose them to present their new collections. These French castles are thus transformed into a decor, for a moment.


When fashion and architecture meet


Many designers take up residence for a show inside or even outside these feudal residences.


Hedi Slimane, the artistic director of the House of Céline, chose the Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte in April 2021 to unveil his latest collection. Some time later, it is at the Castle of Chambord, otherwise known as the “diamond hidden in the woods” that he puts his suitcases to present his men’s collection fall-winter 2021-2022, entitled Teen Knight Poem. A mix of genres and eras that has left its mark.




One of the biggest French fashion houses, Chanel, also chose the castle bias to reveal a collection in the middle of the covid, by trying the experience of a film-defilé at the Castle of Chenonceau, also located in the Loire Valley. A choice that is both artistic and a tribute, since Gabrielle Chanel was a great admirer of Catherine de Medici.



There are so many castles in France that fashion houses are spoilt for choice.



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