Farfetch renews the management of its NGG subsidiary

The departure of Davide De Giglio and Andrea Grilli, the two co-founders of NGG, its Italian fashion production and distribution subsidiary acquired in 2019, has been announced by Farfetch. The group has appointed its President, Stéphanie Phair, to head NGG and its Marketing Director, CEO of the Off-White brand.


Change of era at New Guards Group (NGG). Its owner since 2019, the Farfetch Group, is putting its stamp on management.


On Thursday, Farfetch announced several major changes at its Italian fashion production and distribution subsidiary.


Firstly, the departure of the two co-founders of NGG, Davide De Giglio and Andrea Grilli, respectively CEO of NGG for the former and CEO of Off-White for the latter.


Stephanie Phair and Cristiano Fagnani: new responsibilities


They are replaced in their functions by two executives already in place at Farfetch and NGG.


Farfetch Group President Stephanie Phair has taken on the additional role of President of NGG, while Cristiano Fagnani, previously NGG’s Marketing Director, becomes CEO of Off-White, the label founded by the late Virgil Abloh.


The management teams of the other brands in the NGG portfolio (Heron Preston, Unravel Project, Alanui, Kirin, etc.) remain in place.


In a statement, Farfetch founder and CEO José Neves “thanked Davide and Andrea for their dedicated leadership over the past four years” and for putting together a very strong team of successors to continue driving NGG’s strategy and operations”. José Neves also emphasized that NGG had “performed extremely well” since its acquisition by Farfetch.


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