Europe: Stock markets worry about inflation but can count on their luxury heavyweights


European stock markets gained some ground with their luxury goods heavyweights leading the way, buoyed by the beginning of the lifting of health restrictions in China. Inflation surged to 8.7% year-on-year in May in both Germany and Spain.


The lifting of certain restrictions in China had a positive effect on European markets, which thus maintained last week’s momentum on Monday.


At the end of a quiet session in the absence of Wall Street, closed due to a public holiday, the European stock exchanges extended their rebound: Paris took 0.72%, Frankfurt 0.79% and Milan 0.58%. The London Stock Exchange finished on a more moderate rise (+0.19%).


Meanwhile, in Zurich, the SMI ended up 0.76% 11,736.26 points, with a high of 11,751.16 and a low of 11,673.10. The SLI gained 1.0% to 1834.41 points and the SPI 0.88% to 15,072.36 points.



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The editorial team
The editorial team
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