Discover the Christmas window displays in department stores

From this week onwards and throughout the festive season, department stores will be unveiling their Christmas-themed window displays. From La Samaritaine and BHV to Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marché, all are outdoing themselves to offer Parisians and tourists alike the best show on offer.


It’s been a tradition in Paris for over a hundred years : November marks the start of the festive season. In addition to its many Christmas markets and decorations, the City of Light shines brightly thanks to the unmissable department store windows. A veritable spectacle, they are now one of Paris’s cultural highlights, and an estimated ten million visitors flock to admire them every year.


© Jared Chulski


Ever since Le Bon Marché pioneered this movement in 1909, department stores have been displaying their wares, but not in just any old way. The windows tell a story, like a miniature theater. From the ’50s onwards, there was a certain rivalry between department stores, which had to outdo each other by working a year in advance, with the help of prestigious specialists (stage directors, architects, sculptors, etc.).


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Featured Photo : © Jared Chulski

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