Christophe Dehard becomes President of Alliance France Cuir

Christophe Dehard has been elected President of Alliance France Cuir (formerly CNC). This executive of the SVA Jean Rozé group (Groupement Les Mousquetaires) was already President of the Fédération Française des Cuirs et Peaux and first Vice-President of the Comité Professionnel de Développement Économique Cuir, Chaussure, Maroquinerie, Ganterie (CTC). Christophe Dehard replaces Frank Boehly, who continues to wear many hats in the industry.


After downstream, upstream… But always at the service of a united industry.


Christophe Dehard, 51, the new President of Alliance France Cuir, the professional confederation of the French leather industry, is a specialist in the upstream side of the leather sector.


He was elected for the next three years at the close of the organization’s General Meeting held on June 20, 2024.


His predecessor, Frank Boehly, who since December 2014 has chaired the Conseil National du Cuir, which last March became Alliance France Cuir, was primarily a downstream expert. He remains Chairman of the Fédération des enseignes de la chaussure (FEC), France Industries Créatives and a director of Société internationale du cuir (SIC SA). He has also been named Honorary Chairman of Alliance France Cuir, to which he leaves a valuable legacy, including the creation of the SLF (Sustainable Leather Forum) in 2019.

A wealth of experience in France and abroad

After studying management in the agri-food sector and gaining extensive international experience, Christophe Dehard joined the SVA Jean Rozé group (Groupement Les Mousquetaires) in 2012, where he heads the Valorisation du cinquième quartier et coproduits for the beef and pork divisions.


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Photos à la Une : © Alliance France Cuir

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