Christofle changes its mood thanks to Roland-Garros

To coincide with the famous Paris tennis tournament, Christofle is offering a new version of its egg-shaped Mood case, revamped with the clay hue of the Roland-Garros courts. The collaboration is the subject of a humorous campaign pitting two young lifestyle and food icons against each other on the theme of good manners.


Christofle puts table manners back in the spotlight at Roland-Garros.

The bicentenary French silversmith continues to dust off its sector with humor and talent. It is taking advantage of the international exhibition offered by Roland-Garros, which runs from May 20 to June 9, to showcase its new limited-edition collaboration with the famous so-French tennis tournament. The latter, which revamps the Mood, a precious egg-shaped case for storing cutlery, has been on sale since April 2 in the Roland-Garros boutique, in selected Christofle boutiques around the world and on the goldsmith’s websites.


Clay color


What makes this special edition so special? A terracotta color reminiscent of the clay tennis courts at the famous stadium. It is available in three formats: MOOD by Christofle and MOOD Party, containing 24 pieces (silver-plated forks, knives and spoons) and MOOD Coffee, the most discreet with six coffee spoons.


To raise the profile of its collaboration, Christofle chose two fresh, zesty entrepreneur-influencers to embody the new lifestyle at the table in a highly original matchmaking campaign.


Instead of flatly exchanging balls, Alice Moireau, co-founder (among others) of the Table label, and Laszlo Badet, chef and culinary designer, go head-to-head in a competition on good manners. At either end of a court, dressed in colorful, classy Lacoste outfits (Alice is a model…), they are each seated in front of an elegantly laid table. White tablecloths, silver-edged plates, Christofle cutlery and, most prominently, limited-edition copies of Mood

However, the heroines of this unique sport have no intention of aligning themselves with the highly conventional Nadine de Rotschild, priestess of the art of good society behavior…


Second degree


We’re well and truly in the 21st century, even if the questions posed to the two contestants have no expiration date: How do you serve soup? How to serve fruit? What’s the most elegant way to pick a salad and the most beautiful way to sip coffee? Finally, the two elegant ladies will have to decide an existential question of the utmost importance in front of the audience gathered in the stands for the occasion (made up of Christofle employees): “Who will best arrange the cutlery in the iconic MOOD by Christofle”?


Behind this second-rate video is the work of serial creator (designer and DJ) Ramdane Touhami, who has already modernized Christofle’s visual identity.


A campaign to which Luxus +, which is organizing an exceptional tasting evening called “l’Art de recevoir” at the Pavillon Élysée Té in Paris on May 30, is obviously very sensitive!


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Photos à la Une : © Christofle

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