Chanel: Emilie de Tramasure appointed General Manager of Perfumes and Beauty

Emilie de Tramasure joined Chanel in 1998, and was chosen to replace Barbara Menarguez as General Manager of Perfumes and Beauty.

On September 9, Emilie de Tramasure will take up her new position as General Manager of Chanel Fragrances and Beauty.

The Maison de la rue Cambon has confirmed the information revealed earlier by WWD.

Emilie de Tramasure will replace a Chanel stalwart, Barbara Menarguez, who spent 26 years at Chanel and is retiring on April 26. Molli Megasko, currently Head of Digital in the US, will head up the Fragrance & Beauty division during the transition period.

A career dedicated to Chanel

While Emilie de Tramasure has held the position of Managing Director of Watches and Haute Joaillerie, based in the USA, for the past six years, the search for her successor, either internally or externally, is underway. The challenge will be considerable. Emilie de Tramasure has in fact doubled the division’s size and profit since 2019.

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Featured Photo: © Chanel

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