Champagne: an increasingly profitable investment

Champagne has recently established itself as one of the most profitable investment products. This luxury product is experiencing a new valuation on the market and is attracting investors. An opportunity to reconsider its cellar?


Great prospects for wines and spirits! According to Bloomberg, champagne is becoming one of the best investments with better results than classic wines, such as the first growths of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. As a result, champagne is increasingly competing with the S&P 500 and gold


The London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-Ex), a wine and spirits trading platform, has revealed that the Champagne 50 index, which tracks the prices of vintages of a dozen major brands, has shown astonishing results in recent years.


In November 2022, Champagne has thus become the third most traded region, with 18.7% against only 2% ten years ago, behind Bordeaux and Burgundy. Some vintages have seen their prices triple: a case of Salon Le Mesnil 2012 went from $4,670 to $15,485 between January and September 2022, a staggering 232% increase.


Undervalued vintages


According to Robbie Stevens (Liv-Ex), people started investing more in champagne when they realized how undervalued certain types of bubbles were.



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Featured photo : © Domaine du goût


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The editorial team
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