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Carmen Jaquier: Winner of the 2023 Emerging Women in Motion Award

Carmen Jaquier: Winner of the 2023 Emerging Women in Motion Award

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Since the creation of its Women In Motion program in 2015, the luxury group Kering has been highlighting women’s place in arts and culture. This year, Swiss director Carmen Jaquier is the winner of the Emerging Talent Award.


Nine years ago, Kering launched its Women In Motion program in Cannes. At this new 2023 edition, Kering and the Cannes Film Festival will award the Emerging Talent Award to Carmen Jaquier, a talented Swiss director who directed her first feature film, Foudre.



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In addition to media recognition, this prize is accompanied by a financial support of 50 000 euros, for the creation of a future film project.


Women In Motion Emerging Talent exists since 2015, but for 4 years, it is the former winner who chooses the future winner. Thus, it is the Swedish Ninja Thyberg who conquered hearts last year with her film Pleasure, who set her sights on Carmen Jaquier.


Lightning is an incredibly beautiful, innovative film that celebrates life and challenges conventional ideas about sexuality, God, pain and redemption. Carmen Jaquier is 100% faithful to her female protagonist and this film offers a real feminine look (female gaze). It is a great honour to give her this award,” said the Swedish director.


The ceremony will be held in a few days on the occasion of the official dinner Women In Motion in Cannes, and Carmen Jaquier will not be the only highlight. Michelle Yeoh, this year’s Oscar winner and international star, will receive the Women In Motion Award.

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