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Bottega Veneta: a luxury bag for life

Bottega Veneta: a luxury bag for life

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The Italian house announced yesterday that a new service would be available mid-November in all its stores: the certificate of craft. That is to say the guarantee to bring his bag at the slightest problem, as many times as necessary and without charge.


Return your luxury bag as many times as you like, for any reason and at no cost? It’s now possible with Bottega Veneta’s new Certificate of Craft service.

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Leo Rongone, CEO of the Kering Group-owned label, took advantage of a summit of luxury industry executives organized yesterday in New York by Women’s Wear Daily magazine to unveil this ambitious new project.


For the moment, this new service is only available for a selection of models, among the most famous of which the Kalimero basket, the Knot minaudiere or the Sardine, the new bag in vogue among it-girls. This lifetime guarantee should be extended to other products of the house.


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