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Book release : The Chaumet house, captured by the photographer Julien Falsimagne

Book release : The Chaumet house, captured by the photographer Julien Falsimagne

Unexpected in the very closed world of fine jewellery, Chaumet Intime, the new photographic work published by La Martinière, retraces a year in the life of a house with more than two centuries of history.


By Luxus Plus


The book reveals for the first time the daily life and major events of a House of Fine Jewellery, captured by the photographer Julien Falsimagne.


Julien Falsimagne, emotion hunter


The photographer, passionate about portraiture and reportage, has evolved in different sectors of activity, such as fashion, advertising or documentaries, regularly collaborating with the press, luxury houses and publishing houses. He joins Leemage Opale agency in 2012.


A few years later, he published his first book entitled Disconnecting People, in 2016 by Dub Éditions.


The photographer Julien Falsimagne delivers, in Chaumet Intime, unvarnished images and stolen moments.


Chaumet Intime, a human adventure


As a privileged witness, Julien Falsimagne followed Chaumet’s daily life for a year by taking pictures where authenticity creates emotion.


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From 12 Place Vendôme, the cradle of the House since 1812, to China, Japan or the Middle East, from offices to stores, through archives and exhibitions, from the creation of a piece of jewellery to the launch of a collection or the opening of a store, Chaumet Intime pays tribute to the women and men who make Chaumet what it is today.


A human adventure recounted in a book that navigates between heritage and modernity, revealing the behind-the-scenes of the House. Welcome to Chaumet, the French jewellery house for excellence.




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