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Bold Woman Award 2020 : Who is the winner Juliette Lévy ?

Bold Woman Award 2020 : Who is the winner Juliette Lévy ?

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The jury of the famous French champagne house awarded the Bold Woman Award 2020 to Juliette Lévy, founder of Oh My Cream! at a digital ceremony hosted by journalist and writer Sophie Fontanel on November 9. The Bold Future Award (category hopes) goes to the creators of Meet My Mama.


At the age of 33, the founder of the natural beauty brand Oh My Cream, Juliette Lévy, was awarded the 2020 Bold Woman Award trophy by the famous champagne house Veuve Clicquot for her daring entrepreneurial approach.


The Parisian, who has been a graduate of ESSEC since she was 25 years old, is idolized by Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalie, Natalie Massenet (Net-à-porter) and Morgane Sézalory (Sézane). Oh My Cream, its natural and 100% organic beauty brand, now has its own stores in the Paris region and offers various “clean” cosmetic products, i.e. composed solely of natural and organic ingredients.


It is a booming and trendy market where all brands, even outside cosmetics, which would be estimated for the year 2024 at 860 billion dollars.


According to Juliette Lévy, who took up the challenge, “[…] it is possible to differentiate oneself with a more intimate, more transparent model.


Upon graduating from her business school in 2013, Juliette Lévy is thus determined to tackle this booming and still brand new market. By analyzing and canvassing several cosmetics stores, fifteen people decided to launch with them by investing in her project. In total, 400,000 euros were raised, which enabled the opening of its very first Parisian store and the building up of its stocks.


I listened to my mother, who reminded me that I was bashing her with my pathological passion for creams, and I joined my father’s premises, who offered me a corner office, just long enough to get my project on track.


Now married and mother of a baby, Juliette Lévy has raised four funds, including one amounting to 12 million euros last year. She now employs 100 people with her, has 20 physical points of sale in France, and an e-commerce site that revealed excellent results during the first spring confinement, where the young woman had opted for alternatives to camera beauty consultations with her clients and a live chat system with qualified beauticians.


Juliette has good intuitions. She is sincere. She has created a company in her own image” says her friend Lucie de Mazancourt, whom she met in a preparatory class for the HEC business school. According to those close to her, Juliette Lévy is now determined and sure of her shot and aims for the year 2021 with great optimism to export her products to the United Kingdom through the opening of new stores.


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In markets that are sometimes saturated and monopolized by long-established giants, the Bold Woman Award was created to encourage those women who take up the challenge to be able to compete. The objective was to reward women who decide to launch their own brand and become entrepreneurs.


The winners of the Bold Future Award 2020, the “hope” category of the Veuve Clicquot Prize, are Loubna Ksibi and Donia Amamra, the co-founders of Meet my Mama. Born in 2016 from a meeting with a Sri Lankan immigrant – “Mama Nita” – this company combines an activity of “impact catering“, say the two entrepreneurs, and a training school, the Mama Academy. At the head of a network of 300 migrant or refugee women whose culinary talents they want to “reveal“, they now have some 1,500 client companies.


The subsidiary of the French group LVMH has rewarded more than 300 women in nearly 30 countries for their courage and determination. This ceremony represents more than just a trophy, but a real encouragement to encourage women to become entrepreneurs: “In the spirit of Ms. Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, known as ‘Veuve Clicquot’, these are visionary, courageous women who have moved the lines of society and inspire through their careers” said Jean-Marc Gallot, CEO of Veuve Clicquot, who maintains the importance of this award, because “women need to be ‘role models’“.




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