Blumarine: Walter Chiapponi to step down as artistic director

Just four months after taking over the styling reins at Italian fashion house Blumarine, Walter Chiapponi has already announced his departure.

A collection and then it’s gone.

Transalpine fashion is full of surprises these days. Walter Chiapponi has announced his departure from Maison Blumarine, owned since 2019 by the holding company Eccellenze Italiane, just four months after his arrival! Yet last February, he delivered a collection that was very well received at Milan Fashion Week.

After the sudden death, last November, of Davide Renne, who had just been sworn in as Moschino’s creative director, this new announcement may have something to do with it. Walter Chiapponi had been deeply shaken by the death of the man with whom he had previously worked at Gucci.


A return to the catwalk sine die

In any case, the Italian designer announced in a press release that he now intends to concentrate “on new social and humanitarian initiatives and projects, and then return to the catwalk at the appropriate time“.

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Featured Photo: © Julia von der Heide

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