Back to the 17th edition of the “Places d’Or”, in partnership with Luxus Plus

On November 16, 17 and 18, the 17th edition of the Places d’Or showcased luxury design and packaging. A look back at this event, in partnership with Luxus Plus.


In November, at the Le Meurice hotel in Paris, the Place d’Or trade show was held, the reference in luxury design and packaging. The particularity of the show is to create bridges between the sometimes very distant worlds of industry, luxury and art. This year, seventeen new manufacturers, designers and craftsmen have joined the event. Visitors were able to discover, among other things, Anne Lopez’s wall decorations, Créanog’s embossing and hot engraving laboratory, and Léna Péraguin’s exceptional weaving.


Léna Perraguin – Natural packaging in exceptional handmade braiding © Studio Impressif



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Featured photo : © Les Places d’Or


The editorial team
The editorial team
Thanks to its extensive knowledge of these sectors, the Luxus + editorial team deciphers for its readers the main economic and technological stakes in fashion, watchmaking, jewelry, gastronomy, perfumes and cosmetics, hotels, and prestigious real estate.

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