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Audemars-Piguet continues to expand in the canton of Neuchâtel

Audemars-Piguet continues to expand in the canton of Neuchâtel

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The Swiss manufacturer has just acquired a plot of land south of its new factory in the Saignoles industrial zone in Locle, in the canton of Neuchâtel.


The Audemars-Piguet company wishes to establish a larger presence to the south of its current building,” says Locle city councilor Cédric Dupraz. “The transaction represents a significant amount for the financial assets of the City of Le Locle, which previously owned the land.”


Even though the agreement was reached a few days ago, there are still no concrete plans for the use of this new land. The announcement comes less than a year after the watchmaker inaugurated a modern, futuristic-looking factory in Locle. An investment of 55 million francs, for more than 1,500 m2 and 180 employees.


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