Aston Martin is going green

While electric cars are attracting more and more carmakers and drivers, luxury brands are also taking a close interest, such as Aston Martin, which is launching Racing Green.



Many generalist brands have already taken the plunge and are offering one or more 100% electric models, and the more upmarket manufacturers are also starting to move in slowly. And for good reason, internal combustion vehicles will be banned from being sold in Europe by 2035, so the pace must be stepped up.


Aston Martin wants to become a world leader in sustainable luxury cars and has announced its new sustainable development strategy: Racing Green.


Launched on Earth Day, Racing Green formalizes core principles, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, that set new targets focusing on tackling climate change, creating a better environment and building a stronger, more diverse and inclusive company.



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The British luxury carmaker has joined a list of ambitious companies pledging action on climate change by joining the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative


As part of the commitments announced in Racing Green, Aston Martin is targeting net zero emissions from its manufacturing facilities by 2030, with a 30 percent reduction in supply chain emissions from 2020. The company has set a goal of achieving zero emissions from its entire supply chain by 2039.


The automaker also announced that its first plug-in hybrid model, the Valhalla, will arrive in 2024. It will be 2025 before their first ever 100% electric car arrives. It is expected to replace the DB11, and will likely take the form of a sports coupe.


Aston Martin is accelerating. We are transforming our business and we believe the time is right to challenge ourselves to make a bigger difference, to become a leading sustainable luxury company in the world. While embracing electrification, we believe our sustainability ambitions must go beyond simply producing zero-emission vehicles, and we want to apply sustainability principles across our business, with a company-representative team that proudly produces responsible products with reduced environmental impact and makes a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.” expressed Tobias Moers, managing director of Aston Martin Lagonda, in a group statement.






Featured photo : © Aston Martin


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