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Art: Revelations unveils the iconic piece of the year

Art: Revelations unveils the iconic piece of the year

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Revelations is the unmissable event that celebrates French and international creation. For its 6th edition, the Salon has chosen an original and colorful work by the artist Kuniko Maeda.


Every two years, Révélations highlights and celebrates French and international artistic creation. This year, it organizes the event in collaboration with the Biennale, the major economic meeting of the art sector. Between place of exchanges and artistic discoveries, Revelations gathers at the same time the professionals of the creation market and the amateurs of art crafts.


Each edition highlights an exceptional work, emblem of its visual identity, to discover and admire during the event.

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This year, Revelations has chosen an aerial work by Japanese artist Kuniko Maedi, entitled Columbidae. The Japanese-born designer, now based in London, studied traditional wood carving as well as embroidery.



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