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Arnaud Donckele x Ruinart: an alliance of excellence

Arnaud Donckele x Ruinart: an alliance of excellence

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Three-starred chef Arnaud Donckele is teaming up with the Ruinart champagne house. Together, they will imagine menus with food and wine, accompanied by events rich in color and bubbles.


Arnaud Donckele is the head of two starred restaurants: Cheval Blanc la Vague d’Or in Saint Tropez and Plénitude in Paris. He has already been working with Ruinart for several years. But in 2023, it is a more advanced alliance that is being put in place.


The Norman chef has become familiar with Ruinart, designing the menu for several events for the Champagne House. They share mutual values: the quest for excellence, a love of the land, respect for nature, a sense of transmission and an omnipresent creativity.


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Originally from Normandy, Arnaud Donckele has been immersed in gastronomy since his childhood. After moving from starred kitchen to starred kitchen, he set down his utensils in the Provencal restaurant La Vague d’Or Cheval Blanc, taking over from his mentor Olivier Brulard. The more the years go by, the more the world is his. He earned three stars in 2013, received five toques from Gault & Millau in 2016 and became the world’s best chef three years later.

A flourishing collaboration



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