An exhibition-sale in Paris pays tribute to the great designer Madame Grès

The great haute-couture designer Germaine Émilie Krebs, famous as Madame Grès, is being honored at Maison Cornette de Saint Cyr. Until July 7, 2022, discover “Alix Grès: Architect of Fashion”, an exhibition and sale retracing the history of the house and its most exceptional pieces.


After the first exhibition retracing the history of the House “Madame Grès – Between Shadow and Light” at the Bourgoin-Jallieu Museum in 2004, Alix Grès is back in the spotlight with an exhibition-sale 18 years later, in the heart of the world capital of haute-couture: Paris.


From the clever draperies to the architectural creations of the 1970s, this event pays tribute to the rich couture know-how of Madame Grès, and the priceless pieces that make up her personal archive remain unmissable masterpieces of haute-couture.




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