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A remarkable year for EssilorLuxoticca

A remarkable year for EssilorLuxoticca

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Essilor Luxottica’s 2021 year is approaching without fail. Between the acquisition of GrandVision, ever-increasing demand, and excellent quarterly and stock market performances, the Franco-Italian group is performing on all fronts.

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Some brands have been able to take advantage of the Covid-19 crisis, and thus post more than convincing results. EssilorLuxottica is one of these leaders. Born in 2018 from the merger between Essilor, a company specializing in corrective lenses, and Luxottica, the world leader in eyeglass frames straight from Italy, the group dominates the ophthalmology market. Listed on the largest European stock markets such as the CAC 40 or the Euro Stoxx 50, it manages to record a phenomenal year that places it directly at the level of champion of optics, representing 31% of the equipped market share.


A permanent demand



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Featured photo : © EssilorLuxottica

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