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A look back at the last edition of Les Places d’Or

A look back at the last edition of Les Places d’Or

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The 18th edition of the Les Places d’Or trade show was held from November 15 to 17 in the very chic Le Meurice hotel. During three days, it highlighted the latest innovations and creations of about fifty French and international companies such as Setop or Monro Europe.


“Dare, create, innovate, reinvent” are the watchwords of the Places d’Or‘s exhibition. Since 1994, this not-to-be-missed event has given industry professionals the opportunity to present their best creations of the year in terms of packaging and merchandising. This year, it welcomed nearly 3 000 visitors, who were able to discover the latest trends for the coming year.


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More than a trade show, Les Places d’Or is a meeting place where professionals come to draw inspiration and select suppliers for their next launches in all luxury markets: perfumery, beauty, spirits, jewelry, watches, fashion, tableware, delicatessen…


Constantin Sklavenitis was the godfather of this 18th edition. As President of Coty France, he was accompanied by big names such as Alexis Cabanne, CEO of Parfums Féret or Julien Gary, General Manager of innovation, development and purchasing at Chanel Parfums Beauté.


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