[Luxus+ Magazine] 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games: the Olympic torch, or the star of the Games

The organizing committee of the Games unveiled yesterday, the new Olympic torch, which will cross all of France and more, until its arrival in the capital. An emblem, a sign of recognition, a mascot? One thing is for sure, the receptacle that houses one of the most famous flames in the world, has an air of power.


The summer calendar of the Games is loaded to say the least. After the unveiling of the various celebration sites, as well as the premium partnership of the LVMH group, unveiled on Monday, it is now the Olympic flame’s turn to show itself.  A receptacle that will host the mythical flame in Marseille, after having passed through Athens in Greece, for the start of the relay, from May 8, 2024. Only 10 months to go before this grandiose and world-wide show.


A unique and innovative design


The designer of the future 2024 torch? Mathieu Lehanneur. A French artist and designer with many successes, his works now reside in renowned artistic venues such as the Moma in New York, the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Design Museum in Belgium. And so it was to this “champion of intellectual agility” that the Olympic torch project was entrusted.



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For the design, it took six months of gestation and only one prototype to achieve this result: “Three axes were explored. The equality, through a symmetry between the bottom and the top of the torch, the city of Paris and its relationship to the Seine, with effects of waves, reliefs and vibrations on the middle of the torch, soothing, with soft and rounded curves, to remind that this torch, is above all a sign of generosity,” he told France Info.


This new torch, with a lunar design, almost spatial, measures 70 cm high, with a diameter of 3.5 centimeters at the ends and 10 cm center. She wears a champagne dress and weighs 1.5 kg.


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