Facebook suffers biggest drop in Wall Street history

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, suffered a violent plunge on Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange, setting the biggest single-day drop in history on Wall Street for an American company.


The famous social network Facebook announced that it has lost users in North America for the first time in its history, and was blaming Wednesday, after the close, for a falling profit in the fourth quarter and a slowed growth outlook in the first. Indeed, its quarterly earnings were down 8% year over year. The stock of Meta Platforms, parent company of Facebook, tumbled 24% to 245 dollars, dragging the Nasdaq index (-2.14%) in its fall.



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Featured photo : © D.R.


Hélène Cougot
Hélène Cougot
Passionate about art and fashion, Hélène went to a fashion design school: the Atelier Chardon-Savard. She then completed her training with an MBA in Marketing at ISG. She has written for the magazine Do it in Paris and specializes in writing articles about luxury, art and fashion for Luxus +.

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