Technology start-up Woodoo raises $31 million

French company Woodoo announced today that it has raised $31 million to expand its platform. The startup, which specializes in materials processing, embodies the rebound of French tech on a global scale.


French tech is doing well! Woodoo, a French start-up that makes new high-tech biomaterials to replace traditional materials, said it raised $31 million, or about €28 million.


The fundraising was led by Lowercarbon Capital, a fund co-founded by former Google executive and Twitter investor Chris Sacca.


Founded in 2017, Woodoo transforms low-grade wood products into premium high-tech materials, which can then be used to make surfaces and panels, as well as items for luxury goods.


The startup, located in the Grand Est region known for its forest and woodland, aims to decarbonize the industry. It has just opened the doors to its second factory, which currently has a production capacity of 14,000 m2.


French tech on the rise



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Featured photo : © Woodoo


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The editorial team
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