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Talents du luxe : applications are open

Talents du luxe : applications are open

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The selection process for the next edition of the Talents of Luxury and Creation is open since November 14, until February 28, 2023.


The Talents du luxe  awards creators, managers, workshops and luxury companies for their know-how and their innovative and responsible approaches. These prestigious awards are presented each year by the Centre du luxe et de la création.


This ceremony is open to all luxury professions: fashion, accessories, perfumery, cosmetics, design, architecture, gastronomy, hotels, garden design, automobiles, arts and crafts and more.


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Generally, the distinctions awarded in the luxury sector reward creators by profession. However, the Talents du luxe awards go far beyond that, with prizes dedicated to multiple values: Audacity, Well-being, Elegance, Harmony, Innovation, Invention, Originality, Rarity, Seduction… Some winners will also have the honor of being awarded the prize entitled A Footprint of the Year as well as the Golden Talent. Finally, a prize is awarded for Management.


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