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Stella McCartney : sequin gets a lasting glow

Stella McCartney : sequin gets a lasting glow

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Committed since the beginning to finding alternatives to synthetic and animal materials, the British designer innovates once again with a biodegradable sequin, the result of a collaboration with the start-up Radiant Matter.


After biodegradable denim and bags in which PVC has been replaced by a fungus – Mycelium – Stella McCartney, at the forefront of sustainable R&D, is tackling sequin, that essential ornament for catwalks and social evenings.



A material that is not usually very eco-friendly. These tiny glittering discs are all too often made from polyester (Mylar) or vinyl (PVC) films. All these stylistic elements pollute the oceans for centuries in the form of microplastics.


According to an Oxfam study (2019) cited by the designer, “every year for the holidays, British women buy 33 million sequined garments, of which 1.7 million end up in landfill after just 5 uses.”



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Featured photo : © Annie Leibovitz

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