Social networks: what are luxury cosmetic’s strategies?

What are the trends on social networks for luxury cosmetics brands, and why? This is the question asked in the Digimind study “Luxury cosmetics brands on social media in France” published at the end of November 2018.

By Marguerite
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The luxury market is characterized by its diversity of goods and products and represented a turnover of 262 billion euros in 2017. Many issues must therefore be taken into account, but digital transformation appears to be the number one issue for 35% of brands.

The luxury cosmetics sector is increasingly present on social networks and is attracting many influencers and consumers. This is why 59% of luxury professionals believe that the cosmetics market is the most promising in the luxury sector.


Why is there so much interest in these networks?

First of all, social networks are the major media used by the millennials, the consumers of tomorrow. In addition, social networks have become the primary source of information for luxury consumers. Finally, 75% of luxury purchases are nowadays influenced by digital technology.

At the moment, the brands that generate the most spontaneous conversations on social networks are Dior (19%), Chanel (17%) and Lancôme (11%). These conversations are important for brands as they provide vital information about consumers’ tastes and habits. Instagram is the major channel for luxury and beauty brands with an interaction rate of 78%. Twitter is then ranked 2nd, followed by Facebook. Nevertheless, Mark Zuckerberg’s network is the first in terms of consumers reached, with 46% of the audience share.

Make-up (mascaras and foundation) is the favourite subject on social networks with 85% of mentions. New products, tests and competitions are the three most important themes addressed by users. In addition, #MakeUpoftheDay is the #1 theme on Instagram with 17% of posts.


The beauty and cosmetics sector also benefits from its share of influencers and beauty addicts

Influencing macros and celebrities represent only 2% of Instagram’s publications but 50% of the audience and 1,280,000 interactions. Digimind points out that tips and tricks are a two-way street, since influencers regularly ask for help from Internet users.

This is also why User Generated Content (UGC) is extremely important for brands. 62% of Internet users mention the hashtag or the brand account on all social media. 99% do it on Instagram. Among these reactions, it is generally observed that consumers most often share positive rather than negative feelings.  The cosmetic sector therefore promises great years to come on social networks.

By Marguerite


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