[Luxus+ Magazine] Paul Smith rethinks the Picasso Museum in Paris

To mark the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death, British fashion designer Paul Smith is redesigning the artist’s Parisian museum in the Marais. Three levels, colors and tons of paintings and inspiration.


When fashion and art meet. These two worlds have the habit of crossing each other, of coming together, of discovering or rediscovering each other. And once again, art and fashion are one. On the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, precursor of Cubism and the artist of his century, Paul Smith is the guest of honor at the Paris museum dedicated to him. Between homage, reinterpretation and stripes, the latter gets a makeover.


A collection that “takes colors”


Fifty years ago, Pablo Picasso passed away, leaving behind a great legacy, an artistic movement and hundreds of works. The Parisian museum dedicated to him is celebrating this death by offering, since March 7 and until the end of August, an exclusive exhibition called Celebration Picasso – the collection takes colors, in partnership with Paul Smith. If Picasso is known for his cubic shapes, the British designer is just as well known for his clothing collections, his pronounced taste for colors and stripes. With him and thanks to him, you will see Picasso in a new light.


The division of labor is rather fair and complete: Paul Smith is in charge of the scenography, the museum curators of the selection of works.


By calling on Paul Smith, we were able to show the masterpieces of the collection again with a slightly different perspective,” explains Cécile Debray, the president of the Picasso Museum. “His contribution here was to make Picasso’s work accessible to everyone, by making a kind of aesthetic wonder; a kind of discovery in wonder, almost childlike, of what Picasso’s painting is. I think his humor, that English humor, will appeal to a young audience.


The museum has three floors and a dozen rooms, all redesigned by the creator.



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Featured photo : © Pablo Picasso Museum


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