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Paris: Inclusivity is invited to the Salon du Dessin

Paris: Inclusivity is invited to the Salon du Dessin

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Although it is relatively discreet and constant in terms of price, the drawing market also reflects societal trends. Inclusivity, dear to our time, influences the Salon du Dessin, which is held until March 27 in Paris.


As the 31st edition of the Salon du Dessin is taking place until March 27 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, observers of the sector are not failing to spot works that are taking on more prominence.


Certainly, in terms of prices, drawings, still rather confidential on the art market, show a certain constancy.


But as for the works that are quoted, the lines seem to be moving more in drawings in particular. As in the art market in general, a desire for inclusiveness is thus felt.


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The talents of women, black people, and self-taught artists seem to have a place of choice among the drawings of ancient, modern, and contemporary art presented by the forty exhibitors of the Salon du Dessin, hand-picked.  Despite their diverse origins, from Brussels to New York, via Florence, London and Madrid, many of these gallery owners share common interests.


Women are on the rise


Thanks to growing media coverage, several women artists have been noticed.



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Featured photo : Salon Du Dessin ©WOYTEK-KONARZEWSK

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