The 27-year partnership between golfer Tiger Woods and Nike ended in late December 2023.


The athlete has been a source of inspiration for the entire world and a source of revenue for Nike. Now 48 years old, Tiger Woods has enjoyed the brand’s support throughout his career and promises a “next chapter” to his fans.


A true legend, the golf prodigy has been a strong figure for the Nike brand with numerous successful commercial operations. With an African American father and a Thai mother, Tiger Woods well represents this blend of cultures characteristic of the United States.


His success is primarily defined by his commitment from a young age and his dedication, making him an indispensable source of inspiration.


His parents met during his father, Earl Woods’s participation in the Vietnam War, while his mother was a secretary for the American army in Bangkok. Back in America, his father regularly played golf while introducing his son, Eldrick Tont Woods, to the sport. He nicknamed him Tiger, in honor of a Vietnamese officer who had reportedly saved him on several occasions.


The Birth of a Golf Prodigy on Nike’s Radar


Tiger Woods quickly becomes passionate, even obsessed with golf. He is world champion in the 9-10 year category and then begins his career as a professional athlete at the age of 20. Immediately, he signs a $40 million contract with Nike. On this occasion, he utters his iconic phrase “Hello world”, which will be used for communication campaigns with Nike. 42 weeks after entering professional sports, he reaches the world number one spot, a record-breaking speed in the world of golf.