[Luxus Magazine] The race for the White House has begun, but who will emerge victorious?

With elections coming up in major economies, including the USA, some three billion people will be called to the polls between 2024 and 2025. With the Republican primary in full swing, the shadow of a Donald Trump comeback looms large, while candidate Nikki Haley appears to be the only way out. Indeed, Trump’s possible re-election raises geopolitical concerns, particularly in international relations, as well as economic and political challenges.


The “Global Risks Report” was published on January 10, just a few days before the launch of the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, from January 15 to 19. “The outlook is very gloomy”, set the tone for Saadia Zahidi, the Forum’s Executive Director.


Over the next two years, citizens will be called upon to elect new leaders in major economies such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, the UK and the USA. Nearly three billion people will exercise their right to vote between 2024 and 2025.


“The widespread use of misinformation [unintentionally false information] and disinformation [intentionally false information], and the tools used to disseminate them, can undermine the legitimacy of newly elected governments”, warns the Global Risks Report, which also warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence. Added to this, this year, are “concerns about a persistent cost-of-living crisis”, notes the Forum in a press release. In particular, the climate phenomenon known as El Niño is causing global warming.


Against this backdrop, the American presidential elections, to be held in November 2024, take on a special significance. All the more so since Donald Trump, with his controversial positions, is emerging as the favorite in the race to the White House. He won the Iowa caucuses – the first stage of the Republican primary that will culminate in July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the national convention.




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