[Luxus Magazine] 7 iconic works by designer Gaetano Pesce

Architect, painter, designer, sculptor… the Italian designer, who died on 4 April 2024, wore many hats. Here we take a look back at the iconic pieces of his long career, driven by militant values and the promotion of art for all.


His mark on the creative landscape is indelible. Born in November 1938 in Italy, Gaetano Pesce was immersed in the world of art from an early age, thanks in particular to his pianist mother. At the end of the 1950s, he studied architecture at the University of Venice and did a spell at the experimental school of the Institute of Industrial Design. In 1962, he founded his own design agency. His first exhibition was a success, and his reputation continued to grow in the years that followed.


Bold, curious and inspired by his travels around the world, Gaetano Pesce left his mark on his era with colourful, whimsical pieces that provoked thought and emotion. All using synthetic materials such as resin, which were ahead of their time in the sector. A committed artist, notably in favour of women’s liberation, he is exhibited in dozens of museums and galleries around the world.




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But just a few days before the 2024 Milan International Furniture Fair, the world of design and art received some very sad news. Gaetano Pesce died on 4 April in New York, where he had lived since the early 1980s, leaving behind him four decades of creative work. We take a look back at his legendary works.


The Up armchair series




This collection of armchairs has become a design icon. Designed in 1969, the Up line is characterised by round lines, generous volumes and anthropomorphic shapes. The armchair is attached to a spherical footstool by a chain, like a ball and chain. Also known as La Mamma, the series denounces the condition of enslaved women in society and the family. Much more than simple seating, this collection bears witness to Gaetano Pesce’s militancy in the feminist cause. Proof of its success, the Up chair also appeared in the James Bond film “Diamonds are Forever” released in 1971 and, much more recently, in the film “Daaaaaali!”.


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Featured photo : © Cassina – Gaetano Pesce

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