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Luxury pack Los Angeles 2023: sustainability and creativity in the spotlight

Luxury pack Los Angeles 2023: sustainability and creativity in the spotlight

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Luxe Pack Los Angeles, the trade show dedicated to creative packaging, returns for a new edition on February 16 and 17. Your Luxus plus Magazine, which is one of the official partners, reveals the program.


After a successful last event, which brought together more than 4,100 visitors and 100 exhibitors, Luxe Pack Los Angeles plans to bring the premium packaging industry together again at the Los Angeles Center Convention. Creativity through collaboration will be the theme of the show.


This year, more than 80 experts will be present, 40% of whom will be making their debut. They will showcase their latest packaging innovations and developments. Between recycled cardboard, glass and plastic, nothing will be left out. This new selection of suppliers is not insignificant. Indeed, the organizers want to deploy a panel of creative options in all areas.


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A rich program


In addition to the many exhibitors, the show offers a full program of conferences. Topics such as new consumer behavior, capitalizing on the white space to increase market share, and the impact of the metaverse will be discussed.



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