Luxury for 15-25 year olds

Jam, a conversational media uniting a community of 550,000 young people aged 15 to 25, questioned the place of this sector in their minds. Jewelry, leather goods, clothes, they obviously do not all have the same opinions, the same priorities and the same considerations.

By Luxus Plus


According to a study by Jam on the definition of luxury among young people, for 82% of 15-25 year olds, a pair of sneakers priced at 300 euros is a luxury product.


Also to know what this definition is about, the platform looked at the perception that they have multiple everyday objects and products.


And in the trio of luxury products, no surprise, we find clothing and shoes (30%), jewelry (22%) and even leather goods (20%).


This is followed by high-end tech products such as the iPhone or hi-fi equipment, spontaneously cited among the products that young people most associate with luxury when they answered “other”.


The list also includes perfume (18% with the majority of women respondents), watches, makeup and cars.


Luxury makes it possible to enhance oneself, because it is, for half of the young generation, a means of showing off (especially on social networks). In figures, this concept is accepted by 50% of boys and 44% of girls.


Another question raised by the study: how young people define luxury. Among the first criteria that define it in particular, it is the price of a product or an object Beyond 50 euros for a t-shirt, 200 euros for a coat, or 80 euros for jeans, it’s luxury.


Finally, young people raise the notion of preference, to get out of the “lot”, citing Doc Martens shoes, Bose products, or bottles of Dom Pérignon champagne.


And then there is the question of quality: that of the fabric or the signature in fashion, for example.


As for reputation, it correlates with the image of a brand. “It is not necessarily with the price but rather with the name of a brand,” said a young woman from Besançon, 21 years old.


So, if for some luxury is the opposite of the ordinary, Christmas is an opportunity to invest in it. 7% of young people for example, will ask for luxury products under the tree and 21% are thinking about it.

Among the most cited brands, Chanel with 193 mentions (out of 646 respondents), Dior with 168 mentions, Louis Vuitton with 135 mentions, Gucci with 126 mentions but also Yves Saint Laurent with 73 mentions, Rolex (55 mentions), Nike (47 mentions), Apple (46 mentions), without forgetting Hermès (45 mentions) and Lacoste (31 mentions).


We still have to see what brands themselves mean by luxury, the codes of this sector constantly evolving to become more accessible to consumers.


In China anyway, luxury seems to be a priority for Millennials, according to a recent study by Promise Consulting.








The editorial team
The editorial team
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