Lacoste names Pierre Niney global ambassador

Pierre Niney joins Lacoste’s stable of muses. An elegant embodiment of the French touch, the talented 34-year-old actor, director and screenwriter, who was Yves Saint Laurent on the silver screen, will take part in the crocodile brand’s next April campaign.


The role was missing from his repertoire…


Actor, director, producer and screenwriter Pierre Niney, who played Yves Saint Laurent on screen in 2014 in Jalil Lespert’s biopic, is donning a new suit.


Lacoste (belonging to the Swiss MF Brands group) has chosen him to be its global ambassador from March 1.


Alongside sports stars Novak Djokovic and Venus Williams, as well as rap duo Ärsenik, the 34-year-old Parisian actor will become the new standard-bearer for the crocodile brand. He will take part in the next Lacoste campaign, unveiled next April.

The man who, 10 years ago, became the youngest resident of the Comédie française, before resigning a year later, has put his talent as an actor, director and screenwriter to good use in films (Boîte Noire, Frantz, La Promesse de l’aube, Sauver ou périr, OSS 117…) and series (La Flamme, Casting(s)). In 2015, he became the youngest actor ever to win a César for Best Actor, for his portrayal of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.


A matter of course


“The choice of Pierre Niney as Lacoste ambassador” is “an obvious one,” said Catherine Spindler, Lacoste’s deputy general manager. He perfectly embodies the spirit and values of Lacoste, including elegance and audacity, while maintaining, like the crocodile, a strong link with its public. Pierre Niney occupies an important place in the cultural landscape, especially in that of his generation, by whom he is much appreciated.”

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Featured photo : Pierre Niney © Lacoste

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