Kering’s Material Innovation Lab and Pitti join forces for the benefit of young designers

Kering’s Material Innovation Lab (MIL) and the Pitti Immagine Foundation have just announced a partnership to benefit young designers. Together, they want to encourage the new generation and help them in a sustainable and more responsible approach on the S/Style sustainable fashion area of the Pitti Uomo show, which will take place from June 13 to 16.


Kering, one of the world’s leading luxury companies, created MIL in 2013. This laboratory aims to promote traceability and sourcing of more responsible and innovative fabrics. But also, measure the impact of materials.


And it is today with the Pitti Immagine Foundation that Kering has decided to collaborate for a more sustainable and committed men’s fashion. This is a first since the creation of the S/Style sustainable fashion space at the Pitti Uomo show by the Pitti Immagine group.


The project aims to support young men’s fashion companies to choose more environmentally friendly practices, starting with the choice of raw materials. The MIL’s role will be to support the designers who present themselves in the S/Style sustainable fashion section of the Pitti Uomo show.


Pitti Immagine Uomo, to use its full name, is one of the most important platforms in the world for men’s clothing and accessories collections. Established in 1972, what was originally a trade show, held twice a year in Florence (Italy) also helps launch new projects in men’s fashion. For three and a half years, its S/Style Mode Durable space has been highlighting a dozen brands, to help them develop their collections.


Small names, but big projects


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Featured photo : © Kering


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