InterCellar raises €1 million to revolutionize the world of wine with Web3

InterCellar, the French start-up specializing in the sale of wines via a Web3 platform, has just closed a €1 million round of financing. This marks a crucial step for the company, reinforcing its position as a pioneer in the digitalization of the wine industry.


French start-up InterCellar, which specializes in the sale of wines and spirits via a Web3 platform, raised a significant €1 million in December. The deal is aimed at strengthening the platform’s technology, with a focus on improving the website and NFT (non-fungible tokens).


“This fundraising marks a crucial step in our mission to revolutionize the Wines & Spirits industry by leveraging innovative technologies such as blockchain (…), reinforcing our position as pioneers of the digitized cellar,” said Louis de Bonnecaze, CEO of InterCellar.



Founded in June 2023 by Maxime Garraud and Louis de Bonnecaze, InterCellar is positioning itself as a pioneer of the Web3 revolution in the wine industry. The start-up offers an NFT marketplace, providing French and foreign wine producers with the opportunity to acquire or sell their bottles in the form of “digital doubles”.


“Customers can buy their bottles online on our platform thanks to partnerships with producers and brands, by card or via cryptocurrency,” explains Maxime Garraud, co-founder of InterCellar. “Instead of receiving their bottle directly at home, a twin bottle is created to store them in their digital cellar, avoiding any handling and transportation of real bottles. Customers can, of course, retrieve their bottles at any time or resell them to others via their digital cellars and wallets.”


Accelerating development

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