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Hotel industry: Baccarat Hotel Dubai to open in 2026

Hotel industry: Baccarat Hotel Dubai to open in 2026

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The Baccarat Hotel Dubai will open in 2026. Developed by SH Hotels & Resorts in collaboration with the eponymous lifestyle glass brand, this new establishment is part of an ultra luxurious project in downtown Dubai. It will face the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.


SH Hotels & Resort announced yesterday its intention to establish a new standard of luxury and elegance in Dubai, the capital of luxury par excellence, called The Hotel Heart of the Middle East. The first property to be launched will be the Baccarat Hotel. SH Hotels & Resort is a hotel brand management company owned by Barry Sternlicht, a hotel visionary.


Upon opening, Baccarat Hotel Dubai will offer a level of elegance and opulence that reflects the eponymous House’s unparalleled heritage and expertise. In fact, this is the second hotel the French brand has launched around the world, following the one in New York, which opened in 2015. It has notably received numerous awards such as Forbes Five Stars and AAA( American Automobile Association) Five Diamond.

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This enormous project will take the form of two towers with glittering glass facades, which will reflect the desert sand, the sea and the sun. They have been designed by Studio Libeskind, a world-renowned architectural firm. They will evoke the House of Baccarat, a name associated for more than two centuries with art objects collected by the world’s wealthiest people, as well as movie and music stars.


We are thrilled to be partnering in the development of this extraordinary hotel and residences in one of the world’s top tourist destinations,” said Barry Sternlicht. “The Baccarat brand celebrates the quality of light. Where is the sun more dazzling than in the Middle East? Our artisans will work to create a spectacular property that will take its place among the most admired in the world.”



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