Hermes: Accusations of disputed commercial practices in California

Accusations of disputed commercial practices weigh on Hermès in California as two clients file a lawsuit against the luxury brand. They denounce discriminatory strategies for acquiring Birkin bags, alleging antitrust law violations. This legal action paves the way for other dissatisfied consumers and raises questions about the practices of the renowned French leather goods house.


The renowned French luxury house Hermès is at the center of a lawsuit in California, pursued by two dissatisfied clients who claim they were excluded from acquiring the highly coveted Birkin bag.


Tina Cavalleri and Mark Glinoga filed a complaint in a San Francisco court on Tuesday, March 19, alleging unfair business practices by the brand.


The plaintiffs accuse Hermès of establishing a system that favors the purchase of various luxury accessories, such as shoes, scarves, jewelry, among others, in hopes of attaining the necessary status to be able to purchase a Birkin bag.


According to their complaint, the fashion house has restricted access to these iconic bags to customers with “sufficient purchase history,” which they argue violates US antitrust laws.


Furthermore, in its “Complete Guide to Buying a Birkin Bag,” published in December 2022, the auction house Sotheby’s also stated that “Hermès only allows boutiques to purchase a certain number of Birkin bags on a semi-annual basis” and confirms that one must indeed have a “purchase history with the brand” to attain the bag.


Antitrust Violations


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Featured photo : © Hermès

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