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Gucci Vault opens pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles

Gucci Vault opens pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles

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For the first time since its inception, the Gucci Vault online concept store is opening two pop-up stores in New York and Los Angeles, dedicated to the new Palace Gucci collaboration.


Straight from the imagination of Alessandro Michele, the artistic director of Gucci, Gucci Vault is moving from the virtual to the real. The previously virtual concept store opened two ephemeral boutiques on October 21, in the City of Angels and in the Big Apple.


They are dedicated to the new collaboration between the luxury House and the streetwear brand Palace, called Palace Gucci.  An association mixing two worlds that are both distinct and complementary.


Originally 100% digital, Gucci Vault offers a selection of vintage pieces from the House’s century of creation, refurbished by the brand’s artisans and customized by the designer himself.  With Palace Gucci, the virtual concept store expands and transforms.


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The new physical form of Gucci Vault is inspired by its online platform, and uses its visual codes, such as the floor covered with the monogram, but mixing the double G and the P. Kaleidoscopic configurations, with unique and colorful patterns, reminiscent of the collaborative pieces. The visitor or potential buyer is immersed in this bright and fun world.


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