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Gucci After Ski: a collection that’s not afraid of the cold

Gucci After Ski: a collection that’s not afraid of the cold

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The famous Italian brand is unveiling a new collection for the holiday season that is as warm as it is trendy. Something to dazzle everyone on the slopes.


After the departure of Alessandro Michele as creative director, the famous House with the double G reinvents itself and releases its first collection of clothes and accessories, ideal for a trip to the mountains.

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As its name suggests, Gucci Après Ski brings together a selection of pieces designed around mountain leisure activities. But with its fashionable and sporty aesthetic, this collection for women and men will be equally at home at altitude or on the snowy streets of fashion capitals such as Paris, London and Milan.


Skiwear-inspired clothing has become a trend that everyone has been snatching up for a few years now. It’s no surprise to see fashionistas walking around town in moonboots, balaclavas and padded mittens.


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