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Claire Aubadie-Ladrix makes her comeback at Camille Fournet

Claire Aubadie-Ladrix makes her comeback at Camille Fournet

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Claire Aubadie-Ladrix is making a comeback at the high-end leather goods manufacturer Camille Fournet. She had left the company to discover new horizons before coming back today, with many new ideas in mind.


Claire Aubadie-Ladrix, the young artistic director of Maison Camille Fournet, is taking over the reins of the collections with a fresh look. Under her leadership, the brand intends to reinvent itself, to find new uses, while being inspired by trends and taking into account customer demands…A luxury leather goods brand for women and men, Camille Fournet also offers custom creations.


But let’s go back in time. Claire Aubadie-Ladrix begins her career as the creative studio director of Camille Fournet in 2017. A graduate of ENSCI les Ateliers and the famous Boulle school, this young artist is primarily specialized in object design. If she was chosen as studio director by the French leather goods house, it is for her talent and her way of perceiving bags as objects, seeing the practical before the aesthetic.


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A few years after having made her debut at Camille Fournet, she left Paris and her work to explore other creative paths and to refine her design practices.



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