[CHRONICLE] The 3 Ps of Shopping in 2030 – Part 2: People

Héroïne has just unveiled the new study from its Strategy division, “The 3 P’s of Shopping in 2030”. This forward-looking study will successively explore the trends and issues around places, people and products that drive the retail sector.


For this second instalment, the spotlight is on the human being.


What place is there for the human in the face of the growing integration of AI into our daily lives? How do we manage the talent crisis in the luxury goods industry? And who will be the salesperson of tomorrow?


The human factor, increasingly in demand…


In a world where technology is becoming ever more important, the human element remains essential in our relationship with brands. For 73% of French people, human service is preferred to automated service, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction (Dentsu study). Could it be that the human element will become so important that in the future, products will be labelled to indicate whether they have been made by machines or by people?


At the same time, the development of artificial intelligence is making it possible to offer ever more efficient and precise services, and thus improve the performance of customer relations.

What’s more, last week Elon Musk unveiled his Tesla Optimus range of robots, which cost less than $20,000 and will “transform civilization” by the millions over the next few years.

The foreseeable emergence of these robots, destined to become our collaborators, the mechanical equivalents of our pets, or even helpers with arduous or dangerous tasks, begs the question: what if tomorrow, human contact were to become a luxury? An exclusive service? An additional paid service?


Tesla Optimus model © Elon Musk (X)


AI will also be an important aid at higher levels in organizations, particularly marketing teams, who will be able to develop faster and increasingly targeted campaigns.

In fact, Pernod Ricard integrated generative AI to optimize its latest campaign in Canada. Indeed, the Midjourney platform facilitated the creation of neighborhood-targeted campaigns in iconic Canadian cities, enabling customers to identify with the brand. AI has played a key role in establishing a strong sense of belonging, while encouraging the engagement of customers and prospects who recognize themselves in the visuals of each communication.

The use of generative AI even extends to the creation of training videos for digital marketing teams, where AI has reduced production costs while maximizing team engagement.


© Pernod Ricard

…and soon to be coveted


The retail sector has been facing a major recruitment problem in recent years.

Indeed, more and more young workers are no longer attracted by jobs in this field, considering that they are not rewarding enough and offer little or no career prospects. Although they represent 70 to 80% of the global workforce, the majority of retail workers say they are burnt out or actively looking for a new job (Boston Consulting Group).

The main factors holding back the attractiveness of the retail professions are their arduous nature, less attractive salaries, irregular working hours, lack of appreciation and social valorization of these professions, and the fear of a flood of negative Google comments in the age of the reputation economy. Companies therefore need to rethink their recruitment strategy and revalue these employees who are indispensable to a brand’s customer experience.


So what do we do?

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Featured Photo: © Louis Vuitton

Picture of Remi le Druillenec
Remi le Druillenec
After holding back-to-back positions as retail development director at CBA Design and retail design sales director at Servaire & Co, Rémi Le Druillenec decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure alongside Quentin Obadia, founding Héroïne in January 2020.

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