Chanel launches its nail art collection

A Chanel product for less than 100 euros? Incredible but true. The French label has just launched a range of nail stickers featuring its famous double C logo. A must-have for fans of nail art and the Maison, and just in time for the start of the summer season.


After stars, flowers and butterflies, now it’s time for the Chanel logo. In just a few years, nail art has become a worldwide trend. A symbol of originality and a genuine accessory in harmony with clothes, colorful nails covered with drawings of all kinds are invading the hands of fashionistas and social networks alike.


So it’s hardly surprising that one of the world’s leading luxury brands has seized on the trend to make it even more fashionable! Appearing on models’ nails at the Métiers d’art fashion show in 2019, these little Chanel-flocked stickers are now available for sale, in an exclusive boxed set.


Last year, the Parisian label presented a range of nude nail polishes, very trendy and discreet. This year, it’s thinking bigger, and has just announced the launch of its manicure kit, including the famous Chanel mini stickers. Internet users didn’t wait long before reacting on social networks, expressing their impatience to get their hands on it.



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Featured photo : © Chanel


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