Camille Fournet invites Patrick Corillon to her 10th edition of rencontres équinoxes

From March 25 to September 20, 2024, Camille Fournet welcomes Patrick Corillon for its 10th edition of rencontres Équinoxes. The exhibition, featuring story-installations by Belgian artist Patrick Corillon, explores the power of objects, offering a captivating reflection on artistic creation.


For the 10th edition of rencontres équinoxes, the Maison de Haute-Maroquinerie Camille Fournet invites Patrick Corillon to present an extraordinary exhibition. The artist and his works, narrative-installations present in major collections, question the poetic power of objects, including the bags we carry.


The pleasure of creative exploration and luxury is at the heart of Camille Fournet’s approach. The Équinoxes program, organized every six months, highlights an artist who presents his or her work on rue Cambon, the Paris address of the Camille Fournet boutique, and then distributes it around the world.


“We love designers, their inventiveness, their prowess and the wonder they inspire”, says the Maison maroquinière.


The work, entitled “Dans l’amitié des objets”, will be on display from March 25 to September 20, 2024 at the Camille Fournet boutique 5, rue Cambon, Paris 1er.



“The project for Camille Fournet allows me to probe more deeply into the inner life of watch straps and bags. These two objects, capable of taking us by the hand or pulling us by the sleeve, may have things to tell us that have not yet been revealed to anyone,” says Patrick Corillon.


Revaluing the leather object


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Featured photo : © Camille Fournet

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