Bvlgari unveils a sumptuous hotel in Tokyo

And eight of them! The Bvlgari Hotel in Tokyo is the brand’s newest establishment. It opened its doors to the public two days ago, unveiling a unique design and a bold, contemporary decor.


After Milan, London, Bali, Dubai and Paris, the Italian brand has decided to open a new hotel in Tokyo, just as luxurious as the previous ones.


We are proud to add a new jewel to the crown of the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts collection with the opening of the Bulgari Hotel Tokyo in Japan, a strategic market for us for more than 30 years,” said Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the Bvlgari Group.



Located a few steps from the Imperial Palace and the lively Nihombashi and Ginza districts, this new establishment occupies part of the Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, from the 40th to the 45th floor. The opportunity to enjoy a sumptuous and panoramic view of the world’s largest city.


Like the other eight hotels in the group, the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo was designed by the Italian architecture and interior design firm, Acpv Architects. It has 98 rooms and suites, the largest of which measures 400 square meters.



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Featured photo : © Bvlgari


Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere is a young journalist. She has a passion for fashion and culture, and has recently discovered an interest in cars. Her playful writing is characterized by a rich lexicon and a direct and spontaneous tone. Her precise glossary eliminates uncertainty.

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