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Brunello Cucinelli: revenues up in 2022

Brunello Cucinelli: revenues up in 2022

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Brunello Cucinelli’s net sales are up 28% to €914.4 million for the year 2022. The Italian luxury fashion house is also optimistic about fiscal 2023 and 2024.


Brunello Cucinelli’s net revenues for the year 2022 were 914.4 million euros compared to 712.1 million the previous year.


In Europe, the cashmere specialist’s revenues grew 20% to 263.8 million euros from 219.1 million euros in 2021. In Italy, the House posted preliminary 2022 consolidated net revenues of €102.6 million, up 22% from €84.2 million in 2021.


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The House’s investments in 2022 reached 73 million euros, plus the acquisition of a 43% stake in Lanificio Cariaggi Cashmere. The cost amounted to 15.1 million euros and was financed entirely with equity, according to a statement from the company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.


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