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[Luxus+ Magazine] A short history of luxury: the fascinating rise of Moncler

[Luxus+ Magazine] A short history of luxury: the fascinating rise of Moncler

Fashion brand Moncler is celebrating its 70th anniversary in London with an extraordinary exhibition, promising to take visitors on an immersive journey inspired by the mountains.


To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Franco-Italian fashion house Moncler opened the exhibition “The Extraordinary Expedition” in New York on 5 October. It was presented at the Frieze art fair in London from 12 to 16 October, before moving to Seoul and taking virtual form for an appearance in China via WeChat.


The exhibition draws on the brand’s heritage and the feeling of being in the mountains through immersive 360-degree imagery: sound design, olfactory effects and the sensation of snow and fog will transport curious visitors to the heart of the glaciers.


Piazza del Duomo taken over by Moncler during Milan Fashion Week © Moncler


The event is part of the brand’s anniversary celebrations, which began with a spectacular presentation in the Piazza del Duomo during Milan Fashion Week. Created with French contemporary dance choreographer Sadeck Berrabah, the event involved some 700 dancers.




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Featured photo : © Moncler

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