[Luxus Magazine] Zuck Vs Musk: an ongoing battle

It was supposed to be an epic clash between two iconic tech billionaires, broadcast on a global scale: on one side, protestor Mark Zuckerberg (39), head of Meta, and on the other, laid-back Silicon Valley star Elon Musk (52), head of Tesla, X (formerly Twitter), SpaceX and Neuralink. They were due to face off in a highly anticipated MMA fight, scheduled for August 26. However, the much-publicized bout will not take place. Here’s a look back at a rivalry that oscillates between animosity and admiration, at a time when the technology sector is increasingly displaying its power.


On August 26, two of tech’s most influential billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg, head of Meta, and Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), were to face off in an MMA (mixed martial arts) fight, in front of a fiery audience, with a live webcast. This fanciful scenario had captivated online attention since late June, but has now been definitively abandoned.


A few weeks earlier, Mark Zuckerberg had decided to calm the situation, urging Internet users not to take his rival’s claims about the fight seriously.


On August 13, the CEO wrote: “It’s time to turn the page”, putting an end to several weeks of unusual exchanges between the two tycoons. These exchanges had undoubtedly contributed to their own publicity, diverting attention from the problems facing their respective social media platforms.


It all began at the end of June, when long-time rivals Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg challenged each other on social networks. The highlight of this exchange was Elon Musk’s tweet saying: “I’m ready for a cage fight”, referring to MMA fights.


Mark Zuckerberg quickly replied on Instagram, saying “Send me the address”. Elon Musk then suggested the idea of the clash taking place in the Las Vegas Octagon, in reference to the venue of the UFC, the main MMA organization in the United States.



Battle in an epic location


This prompted an avalanche of reactions on social networks, with speculation about the details of the fight, the date and the location. Articles and tweets multiplied, with everyone giving their opinion on which of the two billionaires would have the upper hand. Mark Zuckerberg was considered the favorite, due to his involvement in martial arts and the fact that he frequently shared videos of his jiu-jitsu competitions on his own social networks.



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