[Luxus Magazine] War between Israel and Hamas: 200 days on

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas enters its 200th day on Wednesday April 24, violence and tragic events persist. In an atmosphere of growing tension, calls for a peaceful resolution of the crisis have been in vain, leaving the prospects for appeasement uncertain.


Since the outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Hamas 200 days ago, the region has been marked by a series of tragic events and political developments. The war, which began on October 7, 2023 with a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel, has had devastating consequences for both sides, and has provoked intense national and international reactions.


On Monday April 22, the Hebrew state celebrated the start of Passover, the holiday of Pesach. With 129 Israeli hostages still being held in Gaza since October 7, 2023, the families asked that an empty chair be left at the ritual seder meal on Monday evening, in their memory.



Plunged into a confrontation with Iran, its sworn enemy, and engaged in an offensive against the Islamist movement, allied with Teheran, Israel received new support from the United States last Saturday, with the approval by the House of Representatives of $13 billion in military aid.


After a week of extreme tensions between Iran and Israel, the situation seemed to ease on Saturday. However, in the besieged Gaza Strip, which faces the threat of famine, the conflict continues to rage on with no sign of a truce, while new episodes of deadly violence have broken out in the West Bank, a territory occupied by Israel since 1967.


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